Launch Hackathon & Stealth Travel site

Starting at the Launch Hackathon, I’ve started an app, there I’ve said it, app which I think is a distinct new way of booking and picking a travel itinerary.

It’s still in the formation stages but I think the core of the idea is very sound, and I’m pretty excited about it.

More details to follow.



Shout out for WishPlz!

My Fried Eric Goldberg just launched a product, I think it’s more female focused.

A Little different than the most of the target demo of my blog here, but I do what I can.

It seems to be similiar to the original Priceonomics before they just became a media site, where it tracks the price of products and alerts on sales.

He’s calling it WishPlz, check it out!


New Plugin – EasyShipper

Spent some time over the last month building out an integration for WooCommerce & Easypost, since I liked their product. I am pretty happy with the outcome, looking to get some feedback from users once posted over on the directory. Seems to be going well already have 30+ downloads in one day.

I toyed with the idea of selling it commercially, in the end I am open sourcing it. I think both of these products are of the highest caliber.

Have a look at EasyPost at

Check the plugin it out on GitHub or WordPress


Hackathon Berlin 2013

Built a pretty sweet app for the hackathon over in berlin last weekend, check it out

Ever want to check in to Foursquare but the 3G doesn’t work well or you don’t have wifi, now you can with Time Traveller

Just use the photos from your exotic location and use them to give you the time and location of your check-in.

See it at


Hacking like it’s Nineteen Ninety Nine (SF Disrupt Hackathon 2013)

Crunchbase Data Visualization You can see the final product here

After 16 or so hours of furious hacking, I put down a solid solo effort.

Learning quite a few new pieces of technology including GraphDB (Neo4J), and gexf format, with sigma.js managed to come up with something I think is pretty cool.

People remarked it looked like a Jackson Pollock painting, which is cool, because without a way to search or highlight a single node, it’s pretty useless :)

Github link