Shout out for WishPlz!

My Fried Eric Goldberg just launched a product, I think it’s more female focused.

A Little different than the most of the target demo of my blog here, but I do what I can.

It seems to be similiar to the original Priceonomics before they just became a media site, where it tracks the price of products and alerts on sales.

He’s calling it WishPlz, check it out!


New Plugin – EasyShipper

Spent some time over the last month building out an integration for WooCommerce & Easypost, since I liked their product. I am pretty happy with the outcome, looking to get some feedback from users once posted over on the directory. Seems to be going well already have 30+ downloads in one day.

I toyed with the idea of selling it commercially, in the end I am open sourcing it. I think both of these products are of the highest caliber.

Have a look at EasyPost at

Check the plugin it out on GitHub or WordPress